Frequently asked questions!

Yes. We do offer a free trial offer up to 2 images so that you can judge our service quality before taking your final decision. You can give your sample images us so that we can provide you the finished task as a demo.

We do not ask you to pay first. You’ve to pay while you receive the done images & are satisfied with the quality and for some one-time projects, the turnaround period is counted from the moment of payment.

We believe that keeping a close contact with our clients increases a close relationship of trust between us. That’s why we are available 24/7 and 365 days all the year round. You can visit our website’s “contact us” tab from the link given below.

First you will receive your completed work and you will be able to revise it. Once you are happy with it, we will send you the invoice with all the details you need to pay, including a link.

You can set up a monthly payment scheme for ongoing work.

We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa Card.

Yes. We have many clients who send us ongoing work throughout the year. If this is your case you can set up a weekly or monthly payment system. Every time you send us an order, we will add it to your one invoice with all the details including date, batch number, quantity, type of service required and price. Before you pay every week/month you will be able to check if everything is ok and then make a payment.

Our customers rarely find any problem with their images. If this happens, don’t worry, just and write us an email or contact us. we will review it straight away and do our best to correct it in record time. Of course, this will not cost you extra.

Absolutely No. There are no minimums or maximums with SRC. Send your images, no matter the size, and you will get the same great results, because small businesses are as important as big ones.

No, there are no limitations on the file size or amount of pictures you can send us. However bear in mind that our online uploader can’t upload file bigger than 64MB (each file), but you can upload as many smaller files as you need at once. If you have a file bigger than 64MB you will need to use the FTP system. Also, free file transfer protocol WeTransfer System (files less than or equal to 2GB, suitable for .zip file )

Our working hours are 24/6 Monday-Friday. We work not only during the day but also at night so that our team can provide your work on due time. For this, you can also reach us on the Public holidays. So you can send us your photos anytime.

Completion time depends on the complexity and quantity of your project. It depends on image quality, quantity, and level of complexity. When we send our price quotes, we will inform you of the required time frame for finishing your task and we also Favour your requirements. We are committed to completing our work on time.

You can view our price lists in our website’s right column. However, it is subject to image quantity, quality, and required time. So, we request you send your queries at

Feel free to send us any file, whether it is JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS. However, we recommend JPG files to save time if your final requirement is ok with this format. Please feel free to send us what is best for you.

Yes, we generally use one account for only one client only. For this reason, our client’s images remain safe.

No, Absolutely not. Sr Clipping dost not work on nude/undressed photos. We do not work on or accept any nude or undressed photos.

All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement wherever they commit themselves to not taking any pictures out of the geographical point or use it for the other functions than for the duty you need. Our entire instrumentation is additionally protected by firewall for arriving and outward security and that we use the newest antivirus protection in each pc.

Yes, we provide unlimited space FTP account but we always appreciate you to inform us about your file size and how much space you need.

You will be notified when images are on our server and ready for you to download.

We will create a profile on our FTP server for you with specific log in info, where we will keep all your ready images. We will provide you that log in info so that you can easily download your images from our FTP server.

You can use our contact form to upload upto 50MB file. You can use these third party file transfer to send upto 5GB files as many times as possible

  • No. You do not need to log in/ sign in at our website to access our information.